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IRRV Products and Services

IRRV Membership

IRRV is the largest institution of its kind, representing its members in the fields of benefits, valuation, investigation, local taxation and revenues. There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Institute. The benefits of membership can be found on the link below.

IRRV Organisational Membership

IRRV Organisational Membership is more than just a badge. A benefit of being an IRRV Organisational member is that we listen to what they have to say and share ideas with our members. The IRRV participates in all discussions relating to the Government’s plans for our areas of professional interest. By belonging to a Professional Body, it gives an Organisation a direct voice in policy and makes their voice heard.

IRRV Distance Learning

The Level 3 Certificate Course is designed for those who wish to gain a professional qualification and further their careers whilst the Diploma Course is designed for those who wish to progress to senior positions and leads to the highest level of qualification ‘IRRV Honours’. Both these courses are delivered through Distance Learning.

IRRV Level 4 Apprenticeships

Now is the time for employers to engage the IRRV to deliver the Level 4 Revenues and Welfare Benefits Practitioner Apprenticeship. If you would like to start the eligibility / enrolment process, for new or existing members of your team, please get in touch with us ASAP.

IRRV Honours Qualifications

The IRRV Honours qualification is the highest level of professional qualification offered by the Institute. The scheme is for members: 

  • Students who have successfully completed the IRRV Diploma. -
  • Persons on the basis of their occupational ‘seniority’.
  • Who are employees of Governments (UK and devolved), their agencies and other public funded bodies.
IRRV Vocational Qualifications

The IRRV Level 3 Diploma in Local Taxation, Benefits and Advice is part of the national Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). It is a competence-based qualification – that is, it is not assessed by examinations but through fulfilment of work tasks. The units that make up the qualification specify the areas where workplace competence has to be shown.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Learning is a process that continues throughout your life and by engaging in CPD, you can ensure continued success in your career. Often the people who engage in IRRV CPD become integral members of their local authority or company, as they continuously strive for new ideas and initiatives

IRRV Conferences

Open to IRRV members and non-members alike, our conferences are designed for professionals and practitioners involved in revenues, benefits, valuation and fraud. The IRRV organises conferences nationwide, including a Spring Conference, Annual Conference and Scottish Conference

IRRV Professional Meetings

Open to IRRV members and non-members alike, our events are designed for professionals and practitioners involved in revenues, benefits and valuation. We work closely with Government bodies to ensure our events are bringing the most up to date changes to our delegates.

IRRV Performance Awards

The Institute is very proud of its Performance Awards. Our aim is to promote the achievements of organisations within the profession and to share and publicise their success.


IRRV Training Days

The training courses are designed to appeal to staff that need to understand all aspects of revenues, benefits and subject specific areas (either at introductory, general or expert levels). Current subjects include: ‘Introduction to Business Rates’, ‘Business Rates Master Class’, ‘Introduction to Council Tax’ and ‘Council Tax Master Class’.

IRRV Online Training

The Institute’s Online programs train practitioners in all aspects of Housing Benefit & Local Council Tax Support, Business Rates and Council Tax. The programs are designed for learners with a basic awareness but also act as an invaluable up-to-date reference and refresher tool for the experienced practitioner.


IRRV Accreditation

The IRRV is ideally placed to evaluate and accredit training organisations and trainers. IRRV accreditation will be a guarantee of quality, backed by the Institute’s rigorous monitoring process. The accreditation service we offer will recognise existing good practice and encourage continuing high standards.

IRRV Publications

Our aim is for practitioners to turn to Institute publications for everything they need in order to carry out their job. Current publications include: ‘Council Tax Law and Practice’ and ‘Rating Law and Practice’, both of which are digital publications published via the PageSuite format. They are available to purchase online via the IRRV website.

IRRV Consultancy Services

The IRRV provides a wide range of Consultancy Services. Recent projects include process reviews, options appraisals, shared service reviews, service health checks (either light-touch or in-depth) and interim senior post cover. The IRRV can find the best solutions for clients, often against a backdrop of significant legislative change.

IRRV Forum Service

The IRRV Forum Service in England and Wales offers a platform for discussion. Organisations can join at any time of the year on payment of a pro-rata subscription. It is aimed at those involved in (or with an interest in) Business Rates, Council Tax, Sundry Debts and Welfare Benefits.

IRRV Jobs Online

The IRRV online jobs site enables employers to advertise their vacancies as and when they arise. Single adverts may be posted, or if two or more are to be posted unlimited access over a specified period may be purchased. The latest jobs within the profession can be found on the home page of the IRRV Web Site or on the link below. 

IRRV Magazines

Insight magazine is the monthly journal of the IRRV, packed with news and views from the worlds of Revenues, Rating, Valuation and Benefit Administration. Valuer magazine is the association magazine for IRRV members in the valuation field, devoted to valuation and all its aspects, covering valuation both in the UK and abroad.

IRRV Sales, Advertising & Sponsorship

The IRRV offers marketing solutions tailored to help you meet your business objectives. Allying your business objectives with the IRRV assures that you enjoy all the benefits of association with the right events and products, targeted at the right audience, with a promotional programme that reinforces your marketing strategy.


IRRV Software

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